Final Reflection Paper

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1A. Julia would think that I am a person who has her back during difficult times. I have always been there for her, especially during the time when her dog was very ill and she was not able to take her dog to the hospital or be able to pay for her bills. Melany would probably say I am a person who cares a lot about the future and plan ahead. When Melany was getting ready to transition into her college life, I helped her set a monthly budget, helped do her research on which colleges to pick and gave her some helpful books to read to prepare for what is about to come in the next few years. The third person, Ani would say that I am a great listener and a positive person when it comes to listening to other people’s problems and bringing light to a room full of people. All of these are good qualities of mine, but I am not perfect so I think that my friends would all agree to say that I could get a little cranky when I am put under a lot of pressure and stress during finals week.
1B. I believe that I do have a different relationship with each person. I am more comfortable with Julia because she has known me for a much longer time; therefore she knows more about me. We are the type of friends who are not shy to ask each other to borrow money or experience other encounters that may be a little awkward or uncomfortable for other friends. With Melany and Ani, I am slowly strengthening and growing my relationship with them. It is a little bit more difficult since they do not live
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