Final Reflection: Personal Dimensions Of Education

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“Final Reflection”
Harold Lester, Jr.
EXP 105: Personal Dimensions of Education (G301748A)
Dr. Gonzalez
January 15, 2018

“Final Reflection”
Written by: Harold Lester, Jr.

Taking this course has taught me how acknowledge and understand the concept of learning, and better understand how it works in order to successful. I believe after learning the concept of learning, I have a better chance on explaining to one who has not yet taken this course. The way that I understand the concept of learning is one taking the responsibility to establish their goals and build skills to help them become an intentional learner, while identifying their weaknesses and strengths. According to the text, “Learning, whether in a classroom, the real
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As a Dynamic learner, I use three of my patterns as needed and other one I use first. I used my sequence to keep me motivated and to help me with my discussions, my reading, the quizzes, and my assignments by setting up a routine and writing out a checklist and a schedule to help me stay on track and focus. During my readings, I highlighted everything that I felt was important for me to remember. My precision helped me to step back and look big picture of completing my work. I believe that my precision helped me understand the course material. I used my technical reasoning to help guide my confluence, so that I can stay outside of the box and solve problems, if there was any. I also believe that I feel smarter because I was challenged to be an intentional…show more content…
I believe one has to think outside of the box when it comes to their learning patterns. I also believe that it is sometimes better to use the patterns that you use as needed or avoid all together, to help the ones that is use first. For instance, if one’s precision is an avoid learning pattern, and their confluence is a use first learning pattern, by using their confluence to help guide their precision will help them better with their ideas and understand how to use their learning patterns. I believe that sometimes a good thing can become a negative if it is overused. In order to view situations, one has to find different approaches by stepping outside their boundaries. One strategies I use is proofreading and taking notes because it helps me to enhance my critical writing and reading skills. When proofreading, I always read the material twice, allowing my learning patterns to help guide me. By learning the behavior of metacognitive, I have learned to self-regulate my learning patterns, in order to overcome my challenges and understanding my behavior and thoughts by regulating my learning process. Using a word wall or checklist, is also a strategy that will help me to

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