Reflection On Unpacking The Flourishing Community

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Final Reflection Paper This course “Unpacking the Flourishing Community” was filled with many different elements including but not limited to the Tragedy of the Commons, the Prisoner’s Dilemma, the Logic of Collective Action, Design Principles, Goodman’s 5 tenants, and Obama’s Aristotelianism. The incorporation of different perspectives and ideas enabled me to understand the idea of community and the importance of it in ways I have never thought of before. It provided me with insight and strategies that were previously applied in many different communities around the world, but also helped me understand how they can be related to our personal communities. The community leader that I interviewed is Noor Jemy, one of the organizers of SHAMS clinic. Social Health and Medical Services (SHAMS) clinic is a free health clinic targeted to improve the well-being of underserved communities in Philadelphia especially those who do not have health insurance. Their efforts are motivated by…show more content…
The most challenging part of this process for her was finding an appropriate location and having the zoning approved. This was challenging because people in the community did not like the idea of a “free Muslim clinic” in their neighborhood because they said it will bring unwanted people into their neighborhood. This was disturbing for me to hear that a neighborhood in Philadelphia would be so unwelcoming of something that is for the greater good of the people. Also, since the founders of the clinic are Muslim they assumed the clinic is only for Muslims but that is not the case since anyone that is in need of these services is encouraged to come and will be
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