Evaluation Of The Student During The FNP III Rotation

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Final Self-Assessment During the FNP III rotation, the student has seen many patients who have complex chronic illnesses than other two rotations that she completed for the FNP I and FNP II courses. The student had many opportunities to independently interview and exam the patients, then come up with differential diagnoses and treatment plan based on the pertinent and impertinent information and evidence-based practice. The preceptor, Dr. Jeanne-Elyse Cedeno, a medical physician/owner of the clinical site, always encouraged the student to think as a primary care provider in many ways. In this paper, the student is going to discuss the progress of the eight objectives (see Appendix A for details), discuss her personal growth and development in the nurse practitioner role, provide the information on what she learned in the clinical that will be valuable to her future practice, and describe any missed opportunities that she did not get out of this experiences as expected, discuss for areas of improvement in the future clinical rotation, and the summarize the final evaluation with her preceptor. By the end of the clinical rotation, the student has met objective…show more content…
The preceptor is good at orthopedics and physical therapy. She uses knee and ankle braces to correct patients’ alignment. Some of the patients are elderly and do not want have any surgeries. She also provides physical therapy for a short period of time at the clinic to relieve patients’ pain. The pain can be in the shoulder, neck, hip, back, knee, or ankle. The patients already felt better when they left the clinic. If the patients did not feel any relief, she would refer the patients to physical therapy with extended amount of time. These are useful skills as a primary care provider to help patient during the initial visit. Patients tend to come back to the primary care providers who have the skills, compared to the ones who do

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