Final Teaching Reflection

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Final teaching demonstration is most crucial part for a student teacher. This is when all your hard works in the whole internship will be judge. Panel from Cavite State University – Silang Campus and Gen. Vito Belarmino National High School would observe the practice teacher’s performance during his/her actual teaching. The most challenging part for this final teaching demonstration is the preparation. It required me a careful time management since I am still handling two Grade 7 sections. My cooperating teacher and I maximize our free time to finish everything as early as possible to avoid rushing. Identifying the topic is the first thing that me and my cooperating teacher did. He suggested me “Mean, Median, and Mode of Ungrouped Data,” I agreed but we found out that it was already taken by one of my co-student teacher as her topic for the final teaching demonstration so Mr. Lomeda told me to choose a topic that I think I am comfortable to teach. I
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I started working with my instructional material a week before February 11. My cooperating teacher allowed me conduct a dry run to Grade 7 – B students few days before February 11. The dry run was not that successful because we didn’t finished the entire learning task that should be done so on the next day I did some revisions with my lesson plan. Fortunately, the final demonstration teaching was rescheduled so I had plenty of time to make my lesson plan and instructional materials better. My next dry run happened two weeks before March 11. I used the Grade 7 section C and D on the same day, 2:00 – 3:00 and 3:15 – 4:15 respectively. I was satisfied after my dry run because my lesson just fit for an hour, I used the instruction materials well, and I saw that my students understood and enjoyed my
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