Finale-Just Desserts Case Study

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In the case, “Finale–Just Desserts”, the owner Paul Conforti has just implemented a new survey system in his restaurants. This survey system gathering data directly from their customers, rather than collecting data from a third party investigator. The information is gathered through the consumer’s mobile device while they are still in the restaurant. Felicity Klass, a data analyst was assigned to review this new data and determine if there were flaws in the great results they were receiving. Although the owner, Paul Conforti is the final decision maker, Klass is currently in a decision making position. She has to decide if the questions on the survey are accurate for the type of data the company wished to receive, as well as must determine…show more content…
One is to “articulate the research problem and objectives”. Two is to “develop the overall research plan”. Three is to “collect the data or information”. Four is to “analyze the data or information”. Five is to “present or disseminate the findings”. Six is to “use the findings to make the decision” (Devault). Although Finale currently employs most of these steps, I would say their objectives or approach to completing these steps is too vague. What I mean is that Finale has not determined what their initial problem or objective is. Yes, they want to understand their customers, but the data they collect must be informative enough to tell the company how they can improve the customer satisfaction. For instance, if the consumers are not satisfied with the service, is it because the servers are slow, not attentive, or it is because they are forgetful? In addition, Finale may not have developed the best research plan. When the company decided to move over to the mobile survey, are they certain they are not excluding older consumers from participating? If they are sure their clientele is mostly young, educated women, how do they know this? And is this information recent? This could be a major reason why the company has received great results after they switched to a mobile

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