Financial Aid In College Essay

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In today society, people have placed a high value on education; many believed that with a higher education they could obtain a better job. Many jobs are now requiring employee to have some sort of educational degree. The cost of college has increase 3 times faster than inflation (Baum, Payea 7). Financial aid is defined in the Merriam-Webster as “money that is given or lent to students in order to pay for their education”(“Financial aid”). As a result, many students have to rely on financial aid to pay for their college expense. However, not all students received the amount of aid they need to pay for college admission. When students don’t have the aid to cover the expense they will have to change their choice of college. The amount of financial aid student received effect the students in college by determining where the student will attend, whether or not the student have to obtain a job to be financially stable, and the amount of loan students end with after graduating.…show more content…
Christopher Avery graduated from Stanford with a Ph.D. in statistic. Avery is currently a macroeconomic and statistic professor at Harvard University. He also takes part in studies about how humankinds are ranked and selected. Caroline Hobxy is also a professor at Harvard University. She holds the director position of the Economic Education Program. In article “Do and Should Financial Aid Package Affect Students’ choice of college” the authors emphasized that some scholarship helps students determine which college they will attend. While other scholarships helps student to ranked the colleges based on the amount of aid they received (Avery, Hobxy 2). Some students only have financial aid to rely on; therefore if the aid is not enough to pay for admission they cannot attend that
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