Financial Case Study: Delta Signal Company

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The model that we selected for our practice run and actual simulation was Low lifetime cost. We decided to implement this strategy to improve quality and customer satisfaction. Delta Signal Corporation was initially an innovative supplier that developed a wide range of products, however, these products lacked quality and customer satisfaction. Through our simulation, we hoped to combat these issues by deliberately focusing on high quality and achieving customer satisfaction while still providing low-cost products. In order to, analyze the company’s performance, we will closely focus on financial performance which is the degree to which financial objectives have been accomplished. This process measures the result of the overall financial health of the company over a period. The most efficient and effective metrics we choose were the improving operating income and return on equity and increasing sales, earning per share. Firstly, our sales have gradually increased in every single period, despite the minor changes in initiatives. Every single period, we removed initiatives that were not aligned with our goals and objectives, and replaced them with initiatives that were. At the beginning of the simulation, we were…show more content…
The ROE is often seen as the primary measure of a company’s performance as it measures the profitability of shareholder equity by measuring how much the shareholders earned for their investment in the company and this tells common shareholders to know how effectively their money is being employed. The higher the ratio percentage, the more efficient management is in utilizing its equity base and the better return is to investors. However, the higher ROE does not necessarily mean better financial performance of the company. But rather, the higher ROE can be the result of high financial leverage, but too high financial leverage is dangerous for a company 's

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