Financial Inequality In America

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In America there is a very real financial divide among the people. Financial stability starts with education, although a large portion of the American population cannot afford it. Depending on your parents economic standing you may or may not be able to afford college, among other things. College opens the door for many opportunities, including having the capacity to provide for your family. Various authors today are still writing about the ongoing issue of poverty and the ways to climb out of it. Brink Lindsey, the Cato Institute 's vice president for research, writes about not only the importance of a college degree, but also the financial strain it has on the families funding it. Brink Lindsey, has written that the income of college graduates has risen from below 50% in 1980 to 85% in 2008, and those without an education are barely able to attain a menial income, insufficient of their needs. “Tuition costs have galloped far ahead of inflation, while many in the working class have seen their incomes stagnate or slip” (Lindsey). “A lack of money is the…show more content…
Although all of the authors have respectable beliefs on how the country could one day be, some of their viewpoints may be a little too liberal for nationwide acceptance of new tax policies. According to Charmion Browne, the issue of poverty is on the backburner. Her mother, at one time, had no choice but to take her, and her two children to a repurposed prison to spend the night. The nation likes to turn a blind eye to the impending issues of the very poor in the country. It is my belief that the only legitimate way to climb out of poverty is through hard work, and education. The issue above is worth our time to fix, through education programs. Education on how those with monetary needs can obtain nice scholarships, and grants would help those in need find a good school to attend, and create a productive life for
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