Financial Literary Class

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Financial Class Essay Alan Greenspan once said“ the number one problem in today’s generation and economy is the lack of financial literacy.” According to (source 2) which says that having a financial literary class is not helping and kids that take this class fail more times that they pass; also (source 3) that states that teens that take this financial literary class and when they complete the course are over confident when they get into the real world, Implementing a financial literacy class in high schools impact our youth, negatively according to (source 2 and 3). However, the point presented in article 1 of my sources has led me to disagree. Throughout my essay, I will analyze and compare the different articles in order to explain my…show more content…
The first source explains that teaching teens about how to manage money “will more than likely decrease the possibility of teens going out and maxing out their credit card” because as they grow up and have responsibilities they will be more aware about where and what they are spending their money. Alan Greenspan states that “ the number one problem in today’s generation and economy is the lack of financial literacy” I agree with Alan because the next generation with make or break our economy and having such a class with better prepare all our teens and soon to be grown ups to make the right decisions about money. Both sides have studied and researched about this subject and have come up with opposite opinions, one believes that a financial literary class will help teens to become responsible, and the other side believes that such a class will not help teens make the economy better. I have come to know personally that having such a class would highly benefit me, I have left home and I wish that I would have had this class to better prepare me to grow up faster than most teens my
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