Financial Management Assignment: Related To Financial Management

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Assignment is related to financial management.

Saving and loan association:
Despite the proliferation of commercial and nonmutual credit sources, savings, and loan associations continue to remain important credit institutions for its members in industrialized and industrializing countries, in particular. The origins and principles of savings and loans associations are not that dissimilar in both industrialized and industrializing countries, namely, small membership based thrift societies (similar to mutual savings banks and credit unions) where members saved and then borrowed on predetermined
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Commercial Banks • Savings & Loan Associations • Central Bank • Credit Unions • Insurance Companies • Mutual Funds • Pension Funds Financial Intermediaries: • Investment Bankers • Brokers • Dealers The Stock Market: • Physical Location Stock Exchange • The Over-the-Counter Market • The NASDAQ stock market Securities: Securities in Money Market: • T-Bill • Negotiable Certificates of Deposits • Commercial Papers • Eurodollars • Banker’s Acceptance Securities in Capital markets: • Bonds • Treasury Notes • Municipal Bonds • Corporate Bonds Types of Finance Companies: • Consumer Finance Companies • Commercial Finance Companies • Sales Finance Companies Insurance…show more content…
Life Insurance Companies • Property and Casualty Insurance Companies • Pension Funds • Annuities Financial Markets: Financial Asset Markets: Financial asset markets, on the other hand deal with stocks, bonds, notes, mortgages and other financial instruments . Spot Markets :Spot markets and future markets the terms that refer to whether the assets are being bought or sold on the spot delivery or for delivery at some future date. Such as six months or a year in future .Money Markets : Are the markets for short term, highly liquid debt securities. The New York and London money markets have long been the world’s largest markets. Mortgage Markets :Deals with loan and residential, commercial and industrial real estate and on formal and .The Primary Market :When a security is created and sold for the first time in the financial marketplace ,the transaction takes place in the primary market. It is also known as Initial Public Offering (IPO)The Secondary Market :Once a security has been issued, it may be traded from one investor to another .The Money Market :Short term securities are traded in money market. Network of dealers operate in this market .The Capital

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