Apple Inc Financial Statement Analysis

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the Apple Inc. financial statements analysis report group members: Weichuan Xu Miao zhou

Executive summary of the company and its industry
Apple Inc in California is the largest PC manufacture, which has the highest market value of the public companies in the world. The company’s score business is electronic technology products. The company has developed many best-know products. Moreover, it was famous for the innovation among these high-tech enterprises. The company had the good hardware, sold the related software, services and third-party compatible products through the iTunes Store.

Detailed evaluation
(1) short term liquidity Apple 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 average Microsoft average working capital ($ million) 8768 5083 29628 19111 17018 15921.6 64980
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The Apple should control its cost of goods to strengthen its profitability. We still should remain optimistic opinion about Apple’s future development of profitability. Because, its revenue growth is much higher than its main competitor, and its inventories turnover ability is much stronger than other peers, which indicates that it possesses strong and continual profitability

the usefulness of the financial statements that affect your analytical measures
The financial statements play an important role on the financial analysis. It is also the fundamental basis of it. So we conclude from such
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However, the traditional balance sheet whose header and format presented subjects is easier to understand.
From the summary of Apple’s Significant Accounting Policy, the biggest one of these major changes is deferred tax assets, which is unrealizable determined by company, would generate the allowance to earnings. If the company realized these amounts, a positive adjustment that reversed the deferred tax asset to earnings would be made. It will have a positive impact on the revenue during the period.
Secondly, the company recognizes revenue when the deliver occurred that means the products had been shipped. Then the risk of loss can be transferred. Thirdly, the company usually defers revenue until the customer receives the products through the online sales to individuals, which will be recognized as counts payable. As a result, the assets of this period would increase and it also has influence on asset structure. There are also other subjects which required by company accounting policies would have a material impact on the financial report, such as the inventory, income taxes and warranty
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