Financial Stability In Truman Capote's In Cold Blood

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The concept of financial stability is central in Truman Capote non fiction text, In Cold Blood and is the chief motive for the murders of the clutter family. To begin with, Truman Capote empathizes that Mr. Clutter is a hard worker, takes care of his employees, a strict father, and a self-made man (6). By working very hard Mr. Clutter became the second richest person in Holcomb. Mr. Clutter never carries his money instead he carries checks. Truman Capote also tells us that Mr. Clutter is well known in his community and in Garden City. "His name was everywhere respectfully recognized among Midwestern agriculturists" ( Capote 6). Also, Capote introduces the identity of the two killers who killed the Clutters family. We the readers are first
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