Financial Struggle In John Steinbeck's Grapes Of Wrath

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Financial struggle is one of the world’s biggest problems today. The present isn’t the only time period the world has had this issue. Financial struggle has been a huge problem since the beginning of time, although the worst time would probably be during the time “Grapes of Wrath” is set in. During the late 1930’s was the “Depression Era” this was when many, many families had been in debt and couldn’t afford many things, including food. In the book “Grapes of Wrath”, the family who the book is focusing on is the Joads. They’re a big family who are also farmers, but not for long when the dust bowl hits their land. Their crops are destroyed and covered in a layer of dust. The family doesn’t have enough money to regrow their crops or buy a new…show more content…
For example, the Joads don’t have enough money to buy food for their whole family or to move to the west coast to start a new life out there. Many families in the book are affected by this issue and look for ways to sustain themselves. Due to the dust bowl, many resources are ruined or completely destroyed and houses are demolished, making lives hard. Farmers seem to have the hardest time since they depend on their crops to make a living. Today, this issue is due to many more reasons than the dust bowl ruining many things. Focusing on America, our population has grown insanely high since the “dirty thirties”. While population has risen, so have prices. The price on many, many products have gone up in the last decade, making people with a lower pay struggle with living. It’s crazy how many people are unemployed in the US right now and with people believing there will be an 80% stock market crash in 2016, things could only get worse. It’s certainly hard for many people to keep a job or life while trying to live off of $7.50 an hour. Another issue with this rise in prices and decline in wages has resulted in 1 out of 3 Americans to be

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