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The Selfless Pursuit of Peace In the book, Find Me Unafraid, the reader learns about the two main characters, Kennedy and Jessica. Throughout the book, the reader is taken on a journey through the lives of the two characters. Jessica is a girl who grew up in Colorado and decided she wanted to study abroad in Kenya, where she meets a man named Kennedy. Kennedy is a boy who has lived his whole live in the slums of Africa and one of his biggest dreams is to travel to America and further his education. In the book, Kennedy created a small organization in his village called SHOFCO. Kennedy’s purpose for SHOFCO was to help bring the community out of poverty and bring safety into the village. Some readers may believe that Kennedy’s purpose for creating SHOFCO was to make him look better in other people’s eyes.…show more content…
From the beginning, Kennedy’s mother had a large influence in most of his decision making. When Kennedy’s mother was just a young teenage girl, she became pregnant with Kennedy. Being a young girl and not having a husband was a very difficult thing for his mother to go through. When Kennedy was a young boy, his mother started a women’s support group. The group consisted of women who brought fifty dollars to the group every month and donated it all to one family who needed it the most. This confused Kennedy because he did not understand why his family had to give almost all of their money to another family. Kennedy did not grow up in a wealthy family. Kennedy’s family always struggled to make ends meet, until his mother started the group. When it was Kennedy’s family’s turn to receive the donations from the women’s group, he realized how it actually helped his family start to come out of poverty. Even though it was hard for every family in the group to donate their money, they trusted that the outcome would benefit them. This women’s group was one of the key factors to the idea behind the creation of

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