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Finding Dory is a Disney Pixar movie sequel of Finding Nemo. Finding Dory is about a blue tang with chronic short-term memory loss. Dory, the little blue tang decides to go search for her long-lost parents in the water due to a childhood flashback of her family with the help of Marlin(Nemo 's father) and Nemo (his friend). Throughout her adventure, Dory encounters numerous struggles, joys, triumphs and fears of the family especially when she loses sight of Nemo and Marlin resulting in her being alone in an aquarium at the Marine Life Institute. Dory is not only a friendly and lovable character in an affectionate movie for children but with its tangential and her fragmented nature, she can influence adults. Finding Dory is a phenomenal movie with fascinating characters, preposterous visual effects and sentimental messages throughout the movie.…show more content…
Technology enhances throughout the filmmaking process of Finding Dory. The technical directors created a new system to render visual effects and animation which simulates the behavior of light very accurate to the real world. The new system allows the refraction and reflection of the water to look more naturalistic to the audience which illustrates a 3-D look to the movie. Pixar also created a new software for automatic swim movements for the fish to give realistic movements The movie displays an impressive, technical return and is very sensational to the audience. From the beginning of the movie, the messages were clear about how society treats members of the disabled community and disability. Dory finds her independence and herself during the long adventure towards home by crossing obstacles and challenges. "Just keep swimming" is not only a motto on kids to continue during arduous times but also for adults. Finding Dory is a sentimental movie with an influential message spread throughout the whole movie: Everyone has weaknesses and strengths, but qualities that oppose us in one way, empowers us in

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