Finding Enlightenment In Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha

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Everybody has obstacles and issues that they had to face, some don't and their wall is too high, some have the courage to break through and overcome or find a way around the thing in their way to reach their goal. In Hermann Hesse’s “Siddhartha”, the protagonist, Siddhartha, had to overcome many challenges and self-doubts through his eternal quest to find enlightenment. Siddhartha had to listen to different people and things to learn that there was a way to avoid these interferences. After he speaks with Buddha, the illustrious one, he wishes to change and is reborn and sees the world with a new and different view. He speaks with Kamala, her future lover, and falls in love with her. He later hears of a wealthy merchant named Kamaswami and is taken in and given an occupation as a loyal merchant to him, he finds it fun and that later evolved into…show more content…
Kamala appeared trustworthy and reliable, but she doesn’t help Siddhartha goal of reaching enlightenment as she teaches about the world and about love; Kamala was an obstacle. Kamaswami was a wealthy merchant wanting to help Siddhartha get a good perspective on trading and economics, this would later lead to Siddhartha growing hungry for happiness as he loses all emotion in his everyday actions; Kamaswami, greed, was seen as an obstacle as it only furthered his goal. Siddhartha's son was born into a wealthy home after Siddhartha left and has been accustomed to people doing things for him. When he is under the care of his father, he gives him the door and never shows any happy emotion toward him, only rage. His son was an obstacle. If Siddhartha had avoided all these, could he have reached enlightenment quicker or have not found it at all as he could not be able to relate to the outside world; the obstacles could have been teachers of knowledge in
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