Finding Forrester Comparison

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Finding Forrester was an interesting, coming of age tale of a young inner city teen, Jamal Wallace, and his journey to find himself. The two main characters, Jamal and William Forrester, couldn’t be any more different, but they form an unbreakable bond based on their fervent love and undeniable talents for writing. Both characters are worlds apart, but a juvenile dare collides the two. Forced to put their pride and some preconceived notions aside, they help each other in ways that neither could have imagined. William Forrester is an acclaimed author who after some unfortunate life events falls off the grid and lives a life in solitude. Jamal is an inquisitive, gifted and naïve young man who has yet to hone in on his remarkable talents as a…show more content…
I enjoyed how the supporting characters helped to shape Jamal and add to his characters depth throughout the film. His brother T, had a big impact on Jamal. He encouraged him to always do his best in both academics and in sports. T supported his brother and made sure to be there for him physically and well as mentally. Claire Spence was the love interest of Jamal’s character and young lady he met at the prep school he was recruited to. After getting wind of Jamal’s high test scores the school set out to have Jamal enrolled in their program. The school brought him on board for his scholastic accomplishments but really were excited to have him be a part of the basketball team. Claire takes on the role as tour guide for Jamal and gives him the details on how things really work at Mailor. Her father serves on the board of directors and is the very reason why she attends the institution. It was her father who set forth motions to get the school from an all-boys school to that of a coed institution. Even though Jamal and Claire have two totally different upbringings they show a mutual interest in one
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