Finding Forrester: The Importance Of Education

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Education is within everyone’s grasp. It can give a person opportunities they normally couldn’t fathom attaining. Education can break boundaries and give people the strength to persevere. It allows one to have epiphanies that otherwise might not have happened. Through education, a person can realize the importance of learning, overcome challenges, and discover purpose. Not everyone is fortunate enough to realize the significance of an education early on. Malcolm X, was an African American convict who during his prison sentence, educated himself. He met a man named Bimbi who was far more educated than he had ever been, which eventually led him to his determination in his prison-studies. Malcolm occupied his time in prison by reading. He…show more content…
Sherman Alexie is an individual who defied the stereotypes set into place. Growing up on a reservation, he didn’t have an extravagant range of opportunities and resources. Alexie wasn’t expected to be smart. He wasn’t expected to go to college. He wasn’t expected to inspire. He did just that. Alexie refused to be the average indian kid. He broke through and exhibited the idea that it is possible for people to succeed, even when they are told otherwise. Education can ignite the spark buried in people. The film Finding Forrester is a movie about a young boy, Jamal Wallace. He has an intellectual talent for writing. Jamal meets and befriends William Forrester, once a great prize winning author who now lives in solitary. Forrester mentors Jamal and teaches him life lessons. Jamal in turn helps Forrester break free of his reclusive life. Education allowed Jamal to discover his capabilities and on the other hand, allowed Forrester to gain insight on his sheltered life and have an impulse to flourish. Education has many benefits and develops among us all with vary. The power of education is not to be taken for granted. Education can generate an unforeseen appeal to learning, allow one to conquer social categorization, and unveil true purpose. Education remains in the eye of the beholder waiting to be revealed on an individual
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