Finding Happiness In Dante's Divine Comedy

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Successfully Finding Happiness

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” (Buddha) The quote above is spoken by Buddha (The enlightened one) who was a religious figure during 6th century B.C.. Buddha was know for focussing on self-love and promoting peace and respect for all, what he’s saying in the quote above is the only way you will truly be successful is when you find something that makes you happy and you invest all of your time into making yourself the best that you can be at said thing. Dante experiences Hell and Purgatory only to prove to himself that heaven is where he would be happiest with Beatrice. Dante in The Inferno had went through many horrors and pain to make it to heaven and Beatrice but he was prepared to do this for what he loved and what would make him happy in the afterlife.
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When Dante and Virgil had reached the gate of Dis the anxious tone in Virgil 's voice worried Dante, the thought of not being able to continue forward through hell was devastating. While inspecting the gate, three Hellish furies threaten Dante and Virgil by summoning Medusa. Dis… “The marsh from which the stinking gasses bubble lies all about this capital of sorrow whose gates we may not pass now without trouble.” (Dante, line 27-30) Up to this point in the story Virgil has guided Dante through hell effortlessly with little to slow them down. Dante says that they ‘may not pass now without trouble’ suggesting that he has perceived the gate not opening, Virgil 's anxious behavior, and Medusa as a threat to their long journey. Dantes commitment to reaching heaven and happiness, with the persistent guidance of Virgil allows for the two voyagers to overcome this obstacle continuing toward Dante’s goal of
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