Finding Justice In Oedipus The King

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This story deals with justice and shows how not many things have changed since then. Justice has always been a thing that everyone wants in their own life ,but life doesn’t always give you what you want. Oedipus was the king in the city of Thebes. When he was born his parents had abandoned him because of a prophecy that had been told them that their son was going to kill his dad and marry his mom. Oedipus throughout the story is just trying to find justice. After he had been abandoned he was later given to this other family in another city. Oedipus grew up there until he had heard rumors that he was adopted. Oedipus decide to take matters into his hands. This was his start to find justice. Oedipus is trying to find out what really had happened with his parents and why had they had abandoned him at such a young age. On his way to find justice he encounters many problems that made it harder for him. One of the characteristics that troubled him on his road to find justice. He had this habit of not …show more content…

Oedipus is informed why this plague is happening and he tries to find the solution as soon as possible. At this time Oedipus isn't really focused on finding a justice of his parents and he leaves that for another time ,but little does he know that all of the problems he has right now they are all connected with each other. Oedipus road to success to justice is not looking good . He finds out that the man he had killed out was actually his father and he was shocked because that also meant that he had married his mother. That caused for his mother to suicide herself and Oedipus get his eyes out. Now he is stuck with the four kids and he doesn’t want for them to have this tragic moment. Oedipus leaves the kids to his brother in law Creon. Justice is served for Oedipus and you can say that any person would not want that

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