Finding The Light In The Scarlet Letter

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In our world today, many people find it difficult to seek the happiness and satisfaction in downhearted times. Thus making it strenuous and burdensome to strive for prosperity when hope seems impossible to find. Finding lightness in the darkness is a trait that not many people possess, so making the best out of a situation and finding the “light” is key to making a negative situation better. Many main characters in the novel The Scarlet Letter written by Arthur Miller possess these qualities. These places/objects are shown throughout many symbols in the novel. The primary symbols that represent this idea are the Rose Bush, The Forest, and The Scarlet letter itself in the novel. These give the character a boost in moral, making their situation a little more bearable.
In the very first chapter of The Scarlet Letter the reader is introduced to three symbols in the story, one of them being the Rose Bush. Although it is only mentioned twice in the novel, the Rosebush has a very powerful meaning portrayed behind it. The Rosebush is located outside of the
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The idea of finding the light in the Darkness is characterised through many settings, characters, and conflicts throughout the novel. Hester and Dimmesdale go through multiple internal/external conflicts while finding their hope and peace of mind in the story. They confide in this hope through multiple accounts throughout the narrative. They mainly find this desire in the Rosebush located next to the Prison door, The Forest, and even The Scarlet letter itself. The hardest part about a negative or difficult situation is finding the courage to get out of that perverse environment. Dimmesdale and Hester Prynne unlike many others possess these qualities making their situation for the better. Finding a gleam of hope or happiness in a hard situation can be the first step to a more positive outcome, but you must first, find the
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