Finding Meaning In Herman Hesse's Siddhartha

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“No, a true seeker could not accept any teachings, not if he sincerely wished to find something,” (Hesse, 90). Herman Hesse illustrates in his novel, Siddhartha, that one must go through their own journey in life to find what they are really searching for. Hesse portrays this through his character, Siddhartha, who went through many mentors such as the Samana group and the Buddha, who taught Siddhartha, but did not satisfy his needs. Siddhartha discovered through multiple teachers that he must walk his own path to find his true meaning in life.
Siddhartha was dissatisfied with his life, and had decided to join the Samana group, hoping that it would fulfill his desire to find his meaning in life. Siddhartha, unfortunately discovered that his outcome during his journey with the Samanas was not as desired. Siddhartha realizes
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He will be seventy and eighty years old, and you and I, we shall grow as old as he, and do exercises and fast and meditate, but we will not attain Nirvana, neither he nor we. Govinda, I believe that amongst all the Samanas, probably not even one will attain Nirvana,” (Hesse, 14). During his journey with the Samanas, he was taught to rid himself of the Self, and follow others in the ways of exercises and meditation, to achieve Nirvana, or enlightenment. Siddhartha had hoped that following the Samanas would lead him to the clarity that he had desired, and to help him achieve Nirvana, but unfortunately for Siddhartha, it did not result in the desired outcome. Siddhartha spoke of an elderly man who had practiced with the Samanas for a long time and did not achieve Nirvana. Siddhartha explains his doubtfulness about the way of the Samanas to his friend Govinda. Siddhartha then goes on to tell Govinda, “We
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