Finding Nemo Hero's Journey Analysis

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Campbell’s hero's journey is a process which many stories follow. The movie Finding Nemo demonstrates Campbell’s hero’s journey in many ways. One of the main characters is Marlin, Nemo’s dad. With the following examples Campbell’s hero’s journey directs Finding Nemo. Marlin’s call to adventure began when Nemo was sent to the ‘drop-off’ and was tragically captured by a scuba diver. Marlin was very protective of Nemo because of Nemo’s underdeveloped fin. Nemo’s physical disability and growing up without a mother caused some degree of overprotectiveness from Marlin. Marlin did not face a refusal or reluctance to find Nemo. In fact he was the opposite. Since Nemo was Marlin’s only son, Marlin went after him immediately. The call to adventure…show more content…
Marlin met Dory first, a forgetful fish who helped Marlin learn patience and freedom. Marlin’s greatest fear was that Nemo was dead or gone forever. On the way to save Nemo, Marlin faced other difficulties. When Marlin found a way to allow freedom and fun back into his adventure, he began to understand the helpers and tests he endured. Marlin’s worst fear was resolved when Nemo found his way out of captivity. Father and son were reunited but the meeting was cut short with another test. A large fishing net captured Nemo once again and Marlin had to fight against himself to trust Nemo and all the others to work together. The net broke and everyone was free including Nemo. Marlin and Nemo lay on the ground while they bask in the calm that engulfed them. Nemo and Marlin returned to their home reef and back to their normal life. Marlin no longer watched Nemo’s every move to make sure he was perfectly safe. All of the kids in Nemo’s class were in awe at Nemo’s stories and gained respect for him. Marlin’s ‘prize’ for his return was a closer relationship with Nemo and newfound friendships .From his adventure, Marlin learned that letting go helps to keep people in check. Campbell’s hero’s journey aids in the analysis of Finding Nemo. Although Finding Nemo did not fit every step, it adhered to the main basis of Campbell’s theory. The main character experienced an adventure, gained
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