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The movie Finding Nemo takes you on an epic adventure underwater. The story takes place in the Great Barrier Reef located in Australia. The graphic animation in this movie is an eye-catcher for people of all ages. The story us about Marlin, Nemo 's father, who is an over protective parent and his son, Nemo, an energetic clownfish with a deformed fin is ready to attend school. Marlin begins to overprotect Nemo and embarrasses himself in front of other parents. However, Nemo gets annoyed by his father and swims past the drop-off to touch a boat. This film can teach that there is no perfect relationship between parents and children. Unfortunately, Marlin 's journey begins when Nemo gets abducted by scuba divers.

The film stars Albert Brooks played as an overprotective father. Marlin shows the viewers that you can discover great things in your worst day of your life. For example, Marlin made many friendships with other species. Crush became a good friend to Marlin because he gave Marlin and Dory the ride of their lives to their destination. Also, Marlin encountered three huge sharks who were trying to end his and Dory 's life. However, they both defeated the sharks and got away safe. These experiences changed him because he realized that he can conquer big things.

Dory played by Ellen DeGeneres as a bright, cheerful fish
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The animation is something that I really enjoyed. Scenes such as Marlin taking Nemo to school while swimming over the stunning underwater landscapes. The animation is incredible whether is the algae, underwater plant life, or creepy creatures they all look so real. The scene that caught my eye the most was when Marlin and Dory went through the Jellyfish forest. That is because there were thousands of jellyfish constantly moving in different directions. The jellyfish pleased my eyes with their unique bright neon colors. It is just amazing how realistic and believable, they make it

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