Finding Nemo: Sea Life

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Does anyone ever imagine what life would be like as a fish? Andrew Stanton tackles the task of bringing the events that happen underwater to life. Finding Nemo released in 2003 tells the story of a worrisome father who swore to protect his son after a tragic accident took away his wife and hundreds of other children. The father and a blue tang called Dory become a dynamic duo and form an awkward friendship on the journey to reacquire his only son Nemo.
Finding Nemo is the best animated marine movie ever. Ellen DeGeneres 's and Barry Humphries ' voice acting was phenomenal, the set design is amazing, and Andrew Stanton 's directing was spectacular. Diving into the ocean, the set designers and animators of this film worked hard creating a realistic portrayal of sea life. “There is beauty and brilliance in every frame. Tasked with creating an undersea environment, the animators have excelled themselves, capturing textures, light, shade and movement that could be photo-real, were it not for the clever way the makers have subtly caricatured landscapes, as well as characters, lending a warm cartoonish quality to the stunning visual,”(Lane). The animators have even surpassed their own expectations in
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Stanton 's directing wowed not only the crowd but blew away all other Pixar movies. ' 'Finding Nemo ' ' doesn 't pretend that its undersea environment is a happier alternative to the world above. Under its comforting narrative arc, it presents a stark vision of the sea world as a treacherous jungle that, for all its beauty and excitement, is an extremely dangerous place to live. The movie jumps right into the darker side of life in a scene in which Marlin and his wife, Coral (Elizabeth Perkins), marvel at the more than 400 eggs that are about to yield a brood of children, only to have their future snatched away with the unwelcome appearance of a barracuda." (Holden) This shows that you must endure pain and trauma in order to, in the end, learn to appreciate
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