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Finding Nemo, Shrek, The Lego Movie. Although these films were all created by different companies, the one thing they all have in common is the way they were made. They were all created using an animation computer program. Although all of these films were used with an animation computer program, the process used to obtain the results of a finished product vary. Although the two most popular programs, Maya and RenderMan, produce nearly the same end product, the process to end up there varies.
Rendering is the representation of objects and scenes on a flat surface, like a canvas or sheet of paper (Raghavachary 1). During computer generated (CG) rendering, descriptions of 3D objects get converted into images (Raghavachary 2). The scene descriptions
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Although Maya isn’t great with high accuracy projects, like architectural visualization (Watkins 5), you can make changes throughout the entire rendering process due to the unique nodal structure (Watkins 17). This nodal structure creates a history and saves the changes you make. Because of this, you can go back to the exact spot you made a mistake and fix it without deleting all of the work you did after that point. These nodes can slow Maya down, and you can choose to work without them (Watkins…show more content…
It was the first software to earn an Oscar and is now the industry standard for CGI. Renderman has been used on Inception, Iron Man, and Avatar to provide special effects. Renderman takes description files, or Renderman Interface Bystream files (RIB files), and creates images. Renderman on Demand produces nearly instantaneous burst rendering, and is intended for small to medium sized studios based on a Microsoft windows environment. Renderman 20, which was used on Finding Dory, and Ant Man, gives Pixar quality fur and hair to buyers. This version of Renderman includes a physical camera, a visualizer for navigating and inspecting large scenes interactively, expanded shader libraries and presets, and new volume rendering

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