Finding Our Voice Troncoso Analysis

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1. In Crossing Border "Finding Our Voice: From Literacy to Literature” by Sergio Troncoso talked about education throughout the author Troncosco’s life. The genre that Troncosco used to explain education is personal education essay. His purpose of writing this essay is to inform the reader how much education mean and what it mean for his personal background. He is mainly mentioned education defined who he is and himself as a power of field he chooses. Further in Troncosco’s educational life, he has met many teachers, professors that encouraged and changed his life. He explained how his teacher inspired him to be proud of his heritage, encourages, reason why he earned scholarship and started to study at Harvard University. He defined education is a self-propelled human being, a lover of questions and a relentless seeker to answer.

2. Troncosco introduced education when he was a little at the beginning and with his parents when they came to United Stated. He explained how his parents were immigrant and they wanted him to have a better life; how his parents used their limited English skills to support him and his siblings. What attracted me about Troncosco’s parents is when he talked about his parents found other ways to help and care often about things they did not understand. His
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I understand Troncosco’s context through my own background. His parents came to United Stated as an immigrant and support him even though his parents doesn’t know much English. Troncosco’s parents also set expectation as the same as my parents did to me. “Highest expectations for moral behavior, for self- respect for being good to others.” My parents came to United Stated when I was eleven and I remember how much they wanted me to learn how to be responsible and follow expectation as to respecting others. So, when Troncosco mentioned about his parents, I remembered how my parents used to tell me the same because I understand how much they have sacrificed their life to bring me
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