Finding Redemption In The Kite Runner

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Finding Redemption In life everyone is bound to make mistakes that they regret not fixing. Amir, in The Kite Runner lives behind a guilty action he made as a child. He deals with this burden on his back throughout the book with every struggle and success he enters. Towards the end, Amir has been given the chance to find redemption and succeeds his journey. He tried many times to convince himself to find the courage to fix his past, leaving himself to find ways when it’s too late to redeem himself by going out of his way to search for his half-brother’s son. As a child, Hassan got raped and Amir was a witness of this. Their friendship fell apart because of Hassan’s loyalty and by keeping this secret, he got Hassan and his father, Ali to quit…show more content…
He cut himself with a razor while he was in the bathtub. Amir described what happened as if it was a nightmare. “When I wake up, maybe I will discover that everything I saw in the hotel bathroom was a dream: the water drops dripping from the faucet and landing with a plink into the bloody bathwater; the left arm dangling over the side of the tub, the bloody soaked razor sitting on the toilet tank…(Page 347-48)” Three days after the suicide attempt, Amir and his wife, Soroya take Sohrab to his new room where he was under twenty-four-hour-a-day suicide watch. He wouldn’t respond to anyone until he cleared his throat once and told Amir that he wanted his old life back. Amir asked what he could do to and Sohrab’s answer related to Amir’s old life. “I want my Father and Mother jan. I want Sasa. I want to play with Rahim Khan sahib in the garden. I want to live in our house again. (Page 354)” Amir knew he couldn’t do much, but he did everything he was capable of to make Sohrab feel as safe and loved. He defended Sohrab to General Taheri when he questioned why Amir brought a Hazara boy into their home. "You will never again refer to him as 'Hazara boy' in my presence. He has a name and its Sohrab. (Page 361)” One day he took his wife and Sohrab to fly kites. Amir he ends up transitioning himself into a “servants” positioning and doesn’t bother to look at the difference between being a Hazara and a Pashtun. Moreover, he ran the kite as Sohrab flew it and ends up taking the opportunity to do all this for Sohrab since he was unable to do this for
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