Finding The Gold Within Film Analysis

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Perhaps the most significant event that occurred on October 7, 2015 was the exclusive screen of Finding the Gold Within in the W.V.M. Fines Arts Center. This film touched my soul because it revealed the concerns of young, black males at predominately white institutions. Although the students encountered similar problems as students at historically black colleges, their struggles differed due to the fact that racism was one of the greatest obstacles during their college experience. In addition to the discrimination and the racial undertones in the academic institution in which the males attended, the youths had to learn how to balance their internal conflicts as well. One of the greatest conflicts that continue to affect the African American …show more content…

Therefore, a large amount of young people may be able to relate to the theme of the film and the motive behind the creation of it. Regardless of the shaky elements of the film, there was solid storytelling and Finding the Gold Within was able to succeed in delivering a clear message to the audience. Moreover, the documentary also benefited from the use of the young, black males and the various camera techniques. The most profound aspect of the film is the special captured moments in which the young males expressed their true anger towards their situations and society. For example, during the confession of committing a crime, a young male cried a river of tears because he felt as if his situation would never improve due to his social economic status. During his emotional moment, the camera was directed at his face and the audience was able to see witness the true feelings that the young man had towards his life. Although exposing a person’s emotional breakdown on film is questionable and controversial, the scene had a powerful impact on the film and the audience was able to understand the frustrations of the young

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