Finding True Love In Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby

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Finding true love can be hard, but making sure you don 't lose yourself throughout the way can be even harder. In the novel The Great Gatsby a character named Daisy struggles to find out who she truly loves after she reunites with someone she loved years ago and her husband. In the other novel Their Eyes Are Watching God the main character Janie struggles to find true love because he is just settling for less and letting others choose her life for her. Women 's strong ambitions of finding true love can make them lose themselves throughout the way. To begin, Daisy in the novel the great gatsby struggles weather she wants her husband or her first love. In the novel Gatsby Daisy 's first love is arguing with her current husband in new york as they all took a trip there together. Gatsby says, “ Your wife doesn 't love you--She never loved you she loves me. She only married you because I was poor and was tired if waiting for me”( Fitzgerald-130). Daisy struggles to lose herself because she 's just letting the men argue in her face. She just sits and looks at them going back and forth like she has no say in who she really loves and what she really wants to do. Daisy is losing herself here because she isn 't saying one word to defend herself. Another example to show that Daisy is losing herself is a little after Gatsby and her husband Nick argument they had before, they start going back and forth about who daisy is really in love with and says to Nick “ I love you now isn 't
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