Essay On The Importance Of Fine Arts In Schools

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The Importance of Fine Arts in Schools As the Government continues to pass laws and bills, schools are getting a significant amout of funding taken away from them. This is forcing many schools to discontinue offering important programs that they feel are not important to provide money for. This can include woodworking, art, and many different types of music classes such orchestra, band, and choir. Countless fine arts classes and programs are deemed unimportant and are no longer able to enrich the lives of young, developing students who may need something such as the arts in their lives being from physical issues or mental issues. Schools are choosing sports over the important classes and this is something that should be changed. Fine arts classes are so…show more content…
They are just for fun some would argue. Agreeing that these classes are fun, they also have a much greater purpose. Every lesson or project that is planned and taught keeps the development and an entire person in consideration. Meaning fine art helps in the social, cognitive, physical, and emotional parts of development. Looking towards more of the physical area, fine arts classes help with fine motor skills. According to The Philly Art Center in The Development of Fine Motor Skills Through Art, “One of the most important skills that are developed through art is fine motor development.” During numerous projects, children’s hands are working. Their wrists and fingers are being used and strengthening them to help with writing, turning pages in books, cutting, and drawing. These tasks are rather critical in the first stage of a student 's education. Not only this, but fine arts classes and their projects to help them gain dexterity, hand-eye coordination, flexibility, and strength as well. Which if they continue practicing will be such a useful skill throughout their entire
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