Fine Arts Is Important Essay

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How important is Fine Arts education?

I’ve noticed a lot of school districts today asking that very question. It seems as if schools all around the country are questioning the importance of the arts, when really, the arts are one of the biggest parts of middle and high school students’ school lives.

A lot of schools across the U.S are beginning to cut fine arts due to budget cuts, and honestly, I don’t fault them for doing so, I just need to reinforce how fundamental this thing called fine arts is to all of us band, choir, art, and theatre students. The fine arts are part of the reason that we all get out of bed every morning. It’s almost as if we can’t live without something to work towards, like the next big concert or show. And that’s not the only reason that fine arts are imperative to having a great education.

Studies have actually proven that fine arts improves students’ focus and academic achievement. They also show that without fine arts, students “not only miss out on a key
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If a student enrolled in an extracurricular activity does not maintain a grade of above 70 in all of his/her classes, then they may not participate in any UIL events or contests.

This, I believe, actually motivates students to pass their classes more so than just accumulating the credit hours necessary to graduate. This may also reveal that fine arts students have higher graduation rates, as a study done by the Center for Arts Education shows. In conclusion, fine arts education is one of the most exceptional programs that schools can support, and as we’ve seen, students enrolled in fine arts show higher graduation rates, have higher passing rates due to Texas’ House Bill 72, and show higher academic achievement and creativity. Fine arts, while only being extracurricular, could be what drives millions of students to college and a high paying
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