Finger Monkey Research Paper

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I believe that finger monkey’s should be illegal to have as pets in the United States. In California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont and Wyoming finger monkeys are illegal since 2012. First, I think the monkey’s should illegal to keep as any kind of private ownership because finger monkeys can be very aggressive and scary. They can do this because they have very sharp teeth that they could bite thing or people. These monkeys could seriously damage your house. Next, they could also scare their caretakers because the monkeys want to be in the wild, not held up inside of a house for their whole…show more content…
“Although they look really harmless and adorable, finger monkeys are known to be generally on the aggressive side. They have long sharp teeth and claws which can nip painfully!” First of all, these specific monkeys could bite any items anywhere you decided to put them because of their sharp teeth. If you ever hold the monkey or have to touch it, it could bite you and since they have such sharp teeth, they could seriously hurt you. “It will bite you and fly into rages when insignificant things happen that it does not like or for no apparent reason at all.” Also, if anything does not perfectly suit the monkey, it could get upset and fly into rage and harm you. If the monkey gets mad so easily, lots of things could get ruined and the caretaker could get frightened or hurt by the monkey. “When you leave the monkey unattended, it will become destructive.” Finally, If the owner is like most people and have a job or things that they need to get done throughout the day, the monkey will be alone and break or damage anything they can get their hands on. Since the caretaker will probably not like this, they will most likely have to stay home bounds more often, which to most people isn’t always so fun. In conclusion, finger monkeys will harm people and things if they are kept as pets, which won’t make anyone happy. Let’s let the poor animals go where they need to go so nothing goes
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