Finger Monkeys Should Be Illegal

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Exotic and rare monkeys like the finger monkeys should be illegal in all the states of the U.S because they are expensive, hard to take care of, and a time consuming animal to take care of. Firstly, finger monkeys are legal in some states in the U.S but it would be better if they weren’t legal in the U.S because these monkeys are hard to take care of. Secondly, finger monkeys shouldn’t be legal because most beginning owners would probably buy one just for fun if they had a lot of money but when the monkey starts acting crazy, most people wouldn’t want it anymore and sell it. These people apparently don’t know lots about this monkey and if you take care of it correctly, it would obviously die. These monkeys aren’t really so common that you…show more content…
“ You’ll need to feed it foods such as fruits, flower nectars, insects and even smaller lizards (gross!).” First, finger monkeys need these types of food to maintain a healthy diet but these will cost 35-75 dollars each month and this involves other things as well. Some people may be sensitive and might not feed insects and small lizards to the finger monkey which would drop its health level. “Your local veterinarians will want nothing to do with monkeys when you need their help, you will have to travel miles to find one and you will not find them particularly helpful.” Secondly, this would add additional costs to find a vet who would want to care for your monkey because if the local vets don’t know or want to help your monkey, you would have to pay hundreds just to find a vet when it’s sick. Most people wouldn’t really want to pay this so they might just leave that monkey to die just because it’s expensive to take care of. “Branches are recommended for the cages, similar to those used in parrot cages. Dragon wood perches cost about $10-$20 per piece, depending on size.” Lastly the finger monkey needs exercise too, they usually have branches and hunting prey to not get stressed out and not feel in a cage. When it 's in captivity, it obviously has limited area so they would need things like small branches to climb on and play…show more content…
“It will become more and more demanding and possessive of your time and attention, it may remain loving with you, but fly into a jealous rage with other members of your family.” First, this could be a problem because if you host something at your house, the monkey could “harm” your family too because it has sharp teeth and claws. These teeth and claws might not hurt someone but it could bite a small member of your family who can’t handle pain as well. “Your friends will see less of you, and your life and activities will begin to center around the monkey.and some of your friends and family will accept this but a lot of them won’t.” Secondly, this could be a problem because everyone would just not invite you to anything important just because you can’t leave your monkey to go to an important event like a wedding or something like that. You also may want to go to somewhere else and just get a break but you wouldn’t be able to because you have to feed your monkey and if it sees less of you, it would just get destructive so people might just leave it alone anyway and not care about the monkey anymore.”County, state and federal officials will begin to visit your home and order you around. They will send you letters; want lots of permits, licenses and paperwork.” Lastly, this could cause a problem since this would start when you don’t leave your house and stay all day
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