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In 1965, the University of Southern Indiana was established. Ever since teenagers and young adults started attending the University of Southern Indiana they all shared one common goal. Their goal is to graduate so that they can find a better job in the future. Most people attend college to better themselves. Finishing college helps finding jobs easier and also gives an advantage to someone’s resume. The university uses many forms of technology such as textbooks, computers, and projectors or whiteboard. For years textbooks have been used in classes. They give students information on certain subjects which can provide more insight on a topic. Some professors do not provide all the needed material during their lessons and reading the text helps.…show more content…
They are useful because it makes note taking fast and easy. Most people can type quicker than they can write, and using a computer helps to make sure they are able to type everything down. This way they do not have to miss any information. Many professors use blackboard for their classes and without computers the students could not check their assignments. Email is another very important tool students use. Students need to have access to a computer so they can check their email daily, and so they can contact their professor if needed. Computers help make the goal of graduating easier. When using a computer everything is at their fingertips. Although computers are helpful they can also be distracting. This can cause a student to not pay attention in class. Texting, games, music, etc are a big impact to people’s lives and can take away from the learning…show more content…
Just about every class uses one. Math classes use dry erase boards but also smartboards. Smartboards are very helpful they can show videos, pictures, articles and much more. This allows students to learn more and in different ways. Without the smartboards students would not be able to see some of the material professors would want to show. Projectors and activeboards can help a student if they have a presentation. They can easy show everyone in the class the information they researched. Text can be seen easier with the use of a projector or smartboard too. If someone sits in the back of the class they would be more likely to see that smartboard than the

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