Fire Advantages And Disadvantages

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Fire can be described as a necessity to human life. Many people underestimate the true nature of fire and what it can bring, as fire is a tool that humans have used for thousands of years to provide warmth, protection, cook food and do work. It is a very useful tool for humans because of the countless amount of energy it releases, because of that energy it gives ease to the life of every individual, though if this energy is not controlled it can be very dangerous, a danger that can impact entire communities. (National Fire Protection Association, 2013) As the world continues to modernize fire begins to act as a harmful element to humans which can destroy properties. Fire and smoke damage are two of the worst results of a fire, as fire did not only spread throughout the flooring, walls and ceilings but smoke can also be dangerous as it acts as a tool for spreading fire as it find its way through holes, pipes, and ventilation systems to move from floor to floor of a structure that contain toxic chemicals that can result in severe health risks or even death. (Chicora Org, 2008) High-rise building has a greater risk of fire according to its features such as great height, complex structure and multiple functions. As fire accidents in crowded places result in large number of casualties, especially in high rise buildings like the FEU Institute of Technology building where it present several unique challenges not found in traditional low-rise buildings such as longer egress times
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