Fire And Ice Robert Frost Analysis

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Fire and ice is one of Robert Frost 's most popular poems, published in December 1920 in Harper 's Magazine and in 1923 in his Pulitzer-prize winning book New Hampshire. The years when the poetry made is the same years when a big event in this world happened, World War. We’ll try to put the “fire and ice” within the frame of a non literary text, in here is data about World war I, world war II and Cold War. We’ll try to correlate what the thing inside this poetry with the thing outside this poetry when its made.
First, we’ll find out what “thing” that represented by the word “some” then we go to interpret the words “fire” and “ice” which can leads to the “end of the world”.

By using the history about Cold War, the word “Fire” is interpreted
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It means there is no “peace” in peace. Both, America and Soviet, are fighting each other ideology. They are not performing war but they do propaganda, economic war, diplomatic haggling and occasional military clashes. And in here, America “seems” win the game. Liberalism is accepted in many countries around the world. Many countries around the world support the idea of the importance of liberty and equal right. Some country uses the principle of Liberalism to build their own Ideology and some country use the Liberalism as their ideology. Liberalism is not only bringing “the world ideology” but also destructing the previous ideology that every country in this world has. Some of these country never realized that the Liberalism, slow but sure, become their ideology. In the other hand, communism seems “lose the game”. But actually, they not “fully lose the game” because the communism is still exist in this world. Communism just loses in amount, but they never lose the power. Communism is not only bringing an ideology but also bring a destructive power within. The existence of North and South Korea is one of the result clashes of ideology. A part of Korea use communism and the other is not. That is why Korea separated into North and South Korea. Both of them are separated by clash of
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