Fire Care Observation

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I chose to volunteer at “Phoenix Fire Department” as ride along with fire fighters because I was interested to experience a different health care setting than hospital. Although these fire fighters were relax and having a warm environment when it came to call outs to take care of people they were serious and professional about their job. The team exhibited cohesiveness through the various duties and activities, for example: working out, shopping, cooking, and cleaning.
Some of the activities that I participated in were riding along with them, communicating with people that needed help, taking vital signs, and recording the result. Some other activities that I participated in were as follows: listening to their conversations, shopping with them, and making food, cleaning, and helping them with the tasks that they needed to do.
Riding along
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Also it is a great opportunity to learn how to communicate with people and at the same time, try to figure out what is wrong in that specific situation and what is the best action to take.
I noticed a lot of therapeutic communication skills and techniques that they used while communicating with the patient. I have noticed the hardiness of being able to therapeutically communicate in a situation where you need to make serious decisions. I had a chance of using therapeutic techniques while I was talking to one of the patients who was pregnant. I sat next to the patient, made eye contact, talked to her with a calming voice, and tried to calm her down.
It was challenging to develop a therapeutic relationship in that setting due to the fact that every interventions supposed to be in a prompt manner. I have noticed that it takes time to be able to communicate therapeutically with the patient and create a therapeutic

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