Fire Cupping Benefits

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Honesty: The evidence offered in support of any claim must be evaluated without self-deception.

Is fire cupping just superstitious traditional chinese medicine or does it really have an affect to our body? As cupping is introduced and more accepted to the western society and culture, many people seek different therapies and alternative medicine to help with the pain in the body that one may be experiencing. One website called Big Feet also show the treatment prices for fire cupping which is $23.00 per 20 minutes which is almost a dollar per minute. Within Canada, Vancouver and Toronto where there are large population of chinese people, different websites in the vicinity of these clinics were examined by reviewing the different information that the customers and consumers can read.
Many different website, information and methodology were reviewed and compared to claims to determine whether these claims are similar to the systematic reviews. Many of these claims have only expose the benefits and not the consequences or side effects. Also, these claims do not specifically say when or when you should not practice fire cupping as it might be harmful. Majority of these
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Chirali reveals some case studies of individuals testimonies and experiences with fire cupping. Many of these individual are having different problems with their lives and seeked for alternative medicine. (Mention individual problems for more details.) One contained shoulder lesion, fatigue and mental issues, saracal pain, cervical pain and immobility. All with different conditions, but all of them had the same treatment of fire cupping however some had more treatment than other because of their conditions. Generally, all these individual felt better than before they experience fire cupping and believe that fire cupping has improved their health. None the less, it could just be a placebo effect as it was just a case study of

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