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Fire written and directed by Deepa Mehta is a film based on the relationships of of brothers and their wives and a joint family structure in India. The film begins with the performance of wedding rituals between Sita and her newly married husband Jatin. They take their honeymoon to the Taj Mahal and the tour guide explains the importance of the love story that took place there and its relevance to the newlyweds. Jatin and Sita’s interactions together are cold, and are not of a normal reactions of a newly wed couple. Viewers later find out that their marriage was arranged and there was no love yet between them. Here is some quick overview over the characters in the film. Jatin is the youngest brother of the joint family structure. Sita is the new bride of the household. Radha is married to Jatin’s brother Ashok, and is the eldest daughter in the joint family structure. Ashok is the eldest brother of Jatin…show more content…
If the viewer is familiar with Hindu laws and tradition same sex relations in most context is forbidden and brings shame to the family. Radha shy’s away from it at first, but soon starts to be very involved in their relationship. They start to fall in love with each other over the length of the film. After Sita and Radha have sexual relations Sita’s non traditional views influence Radha’s way of viewing the world and her relationship to her husband Ashok. For in one instance Ashok tells Radha that Biji is hungry. In the beginning of the film before the relationship with Sita that grew to love Radha would 've said okay and go feed Biji. In this scene Radha tells her husband to go feed her that she was busy. Another key point about Radha is she cannot bear children. Women that are not married or that can 't have children in Indian society are looked down upon. Their quote one quote dharma is to bear sons, so that they can live out the family’s honor and

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