Fire In A Haystack Analysis

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Jules Adolphe Aime Louis Breton or also known by Jules Breton who was a French artist in the 1800’s. The “Fire in a Haystack” was done in 1856; it was framed in a rectangular frame. Without the frame the painting measured 55 inches by 82.5 inches. The medium used on the canvas was oil paint. According to the article, Breton painted the French countryside and its inhabitants (DIA). Breton wanted you to sense the natural beauty of the countryside. In Breton artwork, he often had them heavily people with peasants and wanted you to see how they existed. A major difference in regards to identity of these two artwork is “ Chevy” was all about the dog and the deer being the main focal point; where “Fire in a Haystack” was an artwork showing the peasants

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