Fire In Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre

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In the novel Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte presents two opposite characteristic of fire where the fire can destroy and also provide warmth. Throughout Jane Eyre Bronte uses fire’s warmth to represent love and redemption while fire’s destruction bring the downfall of the character. The use of fire in the novel connects to the theme of the book in that Bronte demonstrates to the audience that people must find a balance between independence, passion, and also society’s norms in order to thrive in a society. Through the symbol of fire, Bronte presents Jane and Rochester’s progress toward finding balance throughout the novel.
Throughout Jane Eyre’s childhood life in Gateshead, Bronte depicts Jane having a life that does not have frequent presence
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In Lowood Academy, Jane meets two people: Helen Burns and Miss Temple. These two characters become significant to Jane since it is through them that she learns how to love and be loved. Whenever she is together with them, Jane mentions how there is “brilliant fire” (Bronte 55). The presence of fire as she is with Helen and Miss Temple presents how Jane now controls her passion and anger. Jane finds healing whenever she is with Miss Temple and Helen as they treat her with kindness that she does not receive during her childhood. Miss Temple as mentioned by name becomes “a sort of shrine of ladylike virtues: magnanimity, cultivation, courtesy-and repression” (Gilbert & Gubar 344). Bronte uses Miss Temple to represent the woman that Victorian period accepts and yet does not lose her independence as the scene where she stands against Mr. Brocklehurst demonstrates. Miss Temple acts as a guide to Jane as she takes her first step of learning how to fit among other people. Jane also describes Helen Burns having powers within her which “kindle[s]…[and] glow in the bright tint of her cheek” (Bronte 55). The comparison of Helen to fire presents how Helen gives warmth and comfort to Jane as she lives the harsh life of Lowood Academy. Helen’s belief of God and forgiveness…show more content…
Bronte uses fire to represent love and redemption but also destruction. Bronte presents to the reader that the real conflict in the novel “Jane Eyre” rises when Jane and Rochester have to find the balance between their passion and the society’s norm. Through the presence of fire Bronte represent the progress of change in the characters as they work to find the balance between passion and the standard of the time
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