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Fire in the Blood. Business, Government and Society need to be in harmony with each other, and when they are not some of the worst crimes against Humanity come into being. The documentary “Fire in the Blood” is a “record, a memorial and a chronicle” of one such crime. It has been called the “crime of the century” as it has led to the death of about 10- 12 Million people, deaths which could have been prevented. The documentary shows us the mass destruction and devastation (in Africa, Asia and major parts of the global South ) which was caused due to intentional hampering in the manufacture and distribution of low-cost antiretroviral drugs which are used for treating HIV/AIDS, thereby preventing them from reaching patients in these countries. This was spearheaded by Western pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer and…show more content…
Of The New York Times, HIV/AIDS treatment activist Zackie Achmat, Yusuf Hamied of Cipla Pharmaceuticals, , intellectual property activist James Love, former Pfizer executive Dr.Peter Rost, Nobel Prize-laureates Desmond Tutu and Joseph Stiglitz, HIV/AIDS treatment activist Zackie Achmat, leading African AIDS physician and Author of this "Genocide by Denial" Peter Mugyenyi and William Hurt who was the narrator. In the movie Bill Clinton said that, “Its fine for people in rich countries to say what is this all to me. They don’t have to stay in villages and watch people die like flies.” This just shows how immune the governments and the companies were to the severity and the enormity of the entire situation. Driven by the sole motive of maximization of their profits by cashing in on the value and importance of a life saving drug (the in elastic demand for it) they just turned a blind eye to it all. The governments were pretending to be blissfully ignorant about the actual cost of manufacturing the

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