Fire In The Road

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McCarthy’s book, The Road, is a story of survival and love between a father and son. Even though this story is based on the future, throughout the pages it feels like the story is actually happening. Human existence can be determined in many aspects and even though humans are evolved more than most creatures, in the end we are still mammals. The apocalypse can have many metaphors to paint a picture in one’s mind. In The Road, the word usage to describe the apocalypse is grey, death and fire.
Ashes are a result from something being destroyed and can no longer be able to return to how it used to be. With having a fire to destroy and have the object turn to ash, can be a metaphor for the apocalypse. “They left the cart in a gully covered with
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With having a fire always going at night seems to give an image that as long as there is a fire, they would be alright. When the father is dying he tells his son, “You have to carry the fire…It’s inside you. It was always there” (McCarthy 279). All the boy wanted was to be with his father and when he’s finally leaving him to die, he knows he has to keep going for his father. Fire can be described in many ways as a light to keep on moving. Fire can be known to explain a reason to live as that there will always be light and to keep it alive to be able to see. Fire is used in many fashions as to cook, destroy, provides warmth, hope and light.
This was a great book with much imagery in it. Seeing what a father and son had to go through to survive. With living in a dull, grey world that’s full of death and fear, having their hope to survive it at all costs as long as they’re with each other. A father’s love for his son and not wanting to give up on him. Giving him a chance to live through these dark times, in hopes for a new beginning. He was born into a dark world and that this is all he knows. He is a stranger to the old ways of life and trying to survive this wasteland is the only thing he
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