Fire Service Reflection

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In this writing assignment; I will elaborate on how bridging the generation gap in the fire service is important for our fire department’s morale, culture, and well-being. I will share my own personal experiences on why I decided to join the fire service and share what I have learned from my mentors who’ve helped me through my journey so far. I will also reflect on what I have learned and experienced over the past year as a rookie firefighter. I chose this topic for my final writing assignment because I personally feel like I would be able to relate more to the topic since I’ve been exposed to the fire department lifestyle since I was born.
Bridging the generation gap in the fire service between the guys who’ve been in for years compared to
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As defined in the Dictionary, a millennial is a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century. Personally, I do not like being labeled as a millennial since my generation already has a bad reputation specifically when it comes to being lazy. My generation has been known to be stuck up and spoiled, which a lot of “millennials” are. I think it all depends on how the person was raised. I was taught to always work hard and not to become mediocre especially when people want to do things the “easy way”. I learned most of my work ethic just from growing up on Guam. Nothing was given to me, I had to earn it and till this day I am still a firm believer of…show more content…
Hall made sure to take Noetzelman and me underneath his wing. Mr. Hall helped refine our skills as engine drivers and assisted in educating us about the ARFF apparatus. I have a lot of respect for Mr. Hall, he has helped me become a more improved and more competent driver. I was given the opportunity to become a driver during my rookie year and at first I was very intimidated. I was at the time in shock that someone in upper management trusted me enough to be a driver at a young age and rank. Now that I have been tasked with driving for a couple months, I’ve gotten extra comfortable with operating the apparatus and finding the most direct route to the incident. Besides driving, I also had the chance to be in the Ice Water Rescue Tech class and Wildland Firefighting
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