Fire Suppression System Research Paper

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Automatic fire suppression systems are widely used as a fire protection system that offers the first line of defence in case of fire outbreak. It detects, actuates and even extinguishes the fire without the intervention of human, keeping the fire from spreading thus putting fire damage to the minimum.

Fire suppression agents is used in the automatic fire suppression system and works by eliminating one of the components of the Fire Tetrahedron (Comprising of heat, fuel, oxygen and chain reaction) using method such as heat reduction, suffocation and breaking the chain reaction of the combustion triangle (Comprising of heat, fuel and oxygen).

FM200 clean gas is a gaseous fire suppression agent which is one of the many different
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How it works

In an event of a fire, the automatic fire suppression system detects the fire in aid of a fire detector (heat / smoke or flame), the signal from the fire detector is then sent to the control panel of the system will then actuate the discharge of FM200 clean gas from its storage containers, where it is being stored as a liquid form, via discharge piping to the protected area where fire was detected.

Figure 2 FM200 Fire Suppression
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Being in its gaseous form, it does not share the hazards of water which may react with combustibles or chemicals and it does not conduct electricity like water too. It is fast to deploy and reaches out to all areas easily, thus ensuring the complete extinguishment of fire.

Easy to store
FM200 clean gas is stored in cylinders as the form of liquid that is being pressurized with nitrogen. In addition, usually only a small amount of the agent is needed to suppress the fire, thus meaning fewer cylinders are required. Due to these reasons, it requires little storage space and is space effective for the high land cost Singapore.

Simple to install
The layout is simple and with minimal piping to convey to affected area. It further benefits with its lesser storage space requirement. It is also less costly to install due to its simple layout. Refilling of the cylinder is simple and fast therefore cutting down on any interference there may be to business.

Disadvantages of FM200 Clean Gas

The cost of FM200 clean gas is more expensive than inert gas agents.


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