Fire Symbolism In Lord Of The Flies

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Lord of the Flies


Fire Fire in the novel, Lord of the Flies is supposedly to represent hope in their survival, rescue. Ironically, fire is what results to the destruction on the island, yet, what saves the boys on the island. Before the boys had been stranded on the island the island was peaceful and was a silent place. After the plane crashes, there are no more adults who can ‘control’ and teach them. At first, all of them are confused and the side of innocence still exists within the boys. Yet, why do some of the boys fail to become civilized and chose their own way of uncivilized survival, is due to the idea of allegory that is used for fire. The allegory of fire that Golding uses in the novel Lord of the Flies is the Greek
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Simon seems to hallucinate and talks with the Pig’s Head. As he talks with the Pig’s Head, it is revealed that the Pig’s head is the Lord of the Flies. Lord of the Flies is the direct definition of Beelzebub, a devil. Beelzebub is referred as evil in Biblical sources and fits the use of the allegory relating to the Bible. As the Lord of the Flies speaks to Simon it is important that it tells Simon that the beast doesn’t really exist and it is among the humans. Simon knew this before he met the Lord of the Flies. However, he cannot say this to the boys because of the attention and fear that the boys will laugh at him. The Lord of the Flies is the opposing force against Simon who is the ‘true good’ of the novel and the Lord of the Flies being the true and real evil. The Lord of the Flies is not only the opposing, but probably the dark side of Simon himself. The dark side of Simon uses Simon’s self-accusation of blaming himself that he is the one to cause the confliction between the civilization and that by him not saying about the beast being them, it shows how much struggle Simon had by showing his inner feelings. It is the fate of human to be tested from their temptations of evil. Ralph when at last discovers that the beast is themselves, by seeing Simon die shows us that the evil can only be recognized by the
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