Fireball Monologue

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There have not been so many moments in my life that I feel like I really stood up for what I thought was truly right. So first off it wasn 't like there was ten versus one and I stand for what was right, but at the time it did feel like that to me. So at the time I was in boy scouts and there is an event called Fireball where all the scouts from Fireball district come together and compete and at the time I was senior patrol leader, which made me in charge of the all boy run troop with supervision of adults. So as we arrive there are two scouts that are left to arrive. Then as the day turns to night they both finally arrive after being late. Now saying as there late, theses to scouts have big dislike toward each other and so does their parents with that they also were very rude and not cooperative…show more content…
As this happen one of the kids dad come to me to discusses a problem. He tells me that he doesn 't want his son in the same tent as that kid then goes on to say “look at him no one wants to be in the same tent as him anyways, he is weird nobody want to be with him.” For a second I was shocked I mean can you blame me I was about 13 when this happen, and an not just any adult a scoutmaster that i 'm supposed to look up for advice told me that “kid” was weird and nobody likes him, that 's why he doesn 't wants his son with him. After that I was Furious I couldn 't believe he insulted one of my scouts in my face, so I looked at him in the eye and said “sir our son causes as much problems as him thats why nobody wants to be in the same tent as him.” Needless to say the look on that scoutmaster face was not happy. After that moment in time it only took a month for another thing to happen that made him get kicked out. Thought from that I felt like I stood up for what was right and made grow a little bit for doing something like. Even though it wasn 't like one versus five scenario it still important and tough for me to stand up for that scout. That 's when I learned
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