Fire Bird Pros And Cons

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The book that I am currently reading is called ‘Firebirds Rising.’ However, this book is an anthology, so it has many stories within it. The third story told in this book is called ‘The Real Thing.’ The character Joss, or Joss-partner as one of the other character says, is the main character of the story. The character Joss is very independent and courageous. She is also adventurous, kind, sweet, strong, determined, caring, and daring. In the story she gets injured for another person because she could not stand seeing anyone, even if it was someone she does not like, being hurt. She also goes somewhere that she does not want be for someone that she had liked/loved for a while so that he would be happier. However, Joss realizes that…show more content…
Trinity College is an urban campus, as well. It offers 38 majors and 26 minors for the students who attend their school. The student to faculty ratio is 9:1, according to google. The founder of Trinity College was Elizabeth I of England. Furthermore, it costs $52,280 for tuition, $14,200 for room and board, $1,000 for personal expenses, and $2,490 for the required fees. It costs another $1,000 for books and supplies, making the total amount of money needed to attend Trinity College adds up to $70,970. Pros and Cons In the book ‘Firebirds Rising’ there are many pros and cons, especially since there are many stories held within the book. There are many different types of pros and cons in this book because of this. Furthermore, each story in the book ‘Firebirds Rising’ has many pros and cons. Every story is different and has different perspectives on things. Therefore creating many types of pros and cons. Additionally, as said before, there are many pros and cons. For example, one pro is that the stories transition from one part to another fairly well. The accuracy is also exceptional. Another pro is that none of the stories were made of only one genre. If the stories only contained one genre I would not read it. This is because in my personal opinion if a book wants to draw in more readers and get more people to read the book, they need more than one genre. For instance,
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